Just lately, numerous users have questioned Bluetooth Speaker Pro exactly where is the location of Bluetooth function on my computer. Should you accidentally switch on this feature not knowing how to turn it off, it’s going to consume a significant volume of battery. Through this informative article, we are going to assist you in finding this function and demonstrate how to turn bluetooth on or off.


Windows 7:

Step 1 – Click START and go to Control Panel,when in control panel open Network and Internet

Step 2 – In Network and Internet window,click on Network and Sharing Centre

Step 3 – In Network and Sharing Centre,click Change Adapter Settings

Step 4 – Right click on Bluetooth Network Connection and select Disable to turn OFF Bluetooth or Enable to turn it on.



There that was not too hard now lets move on to Windows 8:

Step 1 – Press the Windows key(bottom left of your keyboard just below Z) + C Key,this should open your Charms

Step 2 – Select the Settings charm and then click Change PC Settings

Step 3 – Select Wireless

Step 4 – In here you are able to turn bluetooth on or off as well as wireless.



How to turn Bluetooth on in Windows 10:

Step 1 – Click on the Start Menu and select Settings

Step 2 – Click Devices

Step 3 – Click Bluetooth

Step 4 – Put the Bluetooth toggle either On or Off

Step 5 – Click the X in the top right to close the window and save the settings.



How to turn Bluetooth on or off in Apple OS X Mac:

Step 1 – There is normally a Bluetooth icon in the bar menu,you just select it and turn on or off

Step 2 – If the icon is not there go to the Apple Menu – System Preferences – Click Bluetooth and select “Show Bluetooth in main menu bar”

Step 3 – You can even turn Bluetooth on or off in Bluetooth preferences. If you’re using an external USB Bluetooth adapter, Turn Bluetooth On or Turn Bluetooth Off might not show up in Bluetooth preferences. In the event it doesn’t, unplug the adapter to turn off Bluetooth.



How to turn Bluetooth on or off on an Android Phone:

Step 1 – Open the settings app

Step 2 – Select the Bluetooth section

Step 3 – at the top is a Bluetooth On/Off slider button, move it to your desired selection



How to turn Bluetooth on or off on an iPhone:

Step 1 – Tap on Settings.

Step 2 – Select “General”

Step 3 – Tap on “Bluetooth”

Step 4 – Flip the On/Off button to toggle Bluetooth on or off.

Step 5 – Close out of Settings and you’re good to go.


Well you should now have the answers on how to turn Bluetooth On or Off on your bluetooth computer speakers,if there is a device you are having problems with please contact us or put a message below and we will help you out.